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Bessie's Beach

About Us   - A History Of The McCreedy Property At Oostburg

In the early 1920s family lore has it that grandmother, Elizabeth (Bessie) McCreedy, read an article in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE about the moon rising over Lake Michigan near Oostburg. She was so intrigued that she had her husband, Charlie, drive her to Oostburg from their home in Milwaukee, a car ride that took about 2.5 hours then.

The road to the lake, now called Foster Road, ended about 500 feet from the Lake. Bessie had Charlie carry her through the woods & wetlands until they came to the beautiful beach.

For several years Bessie and a group of her girl friends would come up to the "Beach" and camp for a weekend or two each summer.

In the late 1920s our Grandfather, Charlie, purchased the 110' of Lake Michigan frontage that now has the year round home (Barbadon) and the smaller of the two cottages (MacBess).

Barbadon was built in '28-29 for $750 plus materials.

In the 1980's Don (son of Charlie and Bess) purchased the adjacent 100' lot south, where he and his wife, Maurine, built the cottage now named Bessie’s Bungalow.

The Names
MacBessFor Charlie and Elizabeth McCreedy
BarbadonFor Charlie and Elizabeth's children   -   Don and Barbara
Bessie's BungalowFor our Children   -   Jesse, Sam, Wiley, Kelsey and Jack

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